Some Basic Facts of Kuakata
Bangladesh Government has taken massive development initiative to build the tourism industry of the country. The second longest sea beach of the land - Kuakata - is only 280 kilometers away from capital Dhaka. The distance between the largest mangrove forest of the world – Sundarban, which has been listed among the Seven New Natural Wonders of the World, is only 45 km by sea-route. Due to its advantageous geographical location, Kuakata has an indomitable importance in the local tourism industry, and for this reason, the place has greatly drawn the attention of local and foreign investors.
It will take 4-5 hours to reach Kuakata by road pretty soon.
The Government has acquired land for building an airport in the area.
At Kuakata one can travel by air and water now, and by air in near future.
The third largest sea port and the second largest ship building industry will be built here.
The beach is surrounded by a 40 km long dam, which is known as Marine Drive.
Construction of Hotel, Motel, Resorts and Shooting Spots are undergoing through foreign and local investments.
Recreational facilities very similar to the most modern tourist cities of the world are being created by foreign and local investments.
Only at this beach one can sea both the Sunrise and the Sunset.
From the beach of Kuakata one can reach Sundarban in around 60-90 minutes by sea.
Kuakata has reserve rain forest, Eco Park and garlands of coconut trees along the coast that has created an inexplicable natural scenario.
Kuakata has hundreds of years old Buddhist Pagoda and large metallic statue of Lord Buddha.
A huge number of tourists gather here every year during the Traditional Rash Mela and Maghi Full-moon festivals.
The adjacent picturesque island of Gongamoti enhances the beauty and is a delight to the tourists.
The traditional Rakhine inhabitation and Rakhine shopping malls are close to the beach.
The wonderful abundance of natural beauty and huge commercial prospect of Kuakata is warmly inviting and welcoming you. Please visit the place with your family members and feel the fresh touch of nature.